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Female directors and accounting quality: a quasi natural experiment research

The research delves into the impact of female representation in corporate leadership on accounting quality. It builds on prior studies exploring behavioral differences between genders and aims to investigate how women in top roles influence accounting standards. Focused on Norwegian and Danish firms between 2001 and 2012, the study capitalizes on Norway’s substantial increase in […]

Direct and spillover effects of board gender quotas: Revisiting the Norwegian experience

Building on the Norwegian case, this study examines the long-term implications of board gender quotas on the advancement of gender diversity in managerial leadership. Previous research has indicated that, aside from the board, the quota had limited impact on achieving this objective. However, these studies have narrowly focused on the spill-over effects of the quota, primarily concentrating on the positions of […]

Chapter 4: Building new theories and a specific concept for boards of directors: the practicholar research design

This chapter suggest a collaborative research design for corporate governance research that not only integrates interaction but also joint theory and concept building, with practice. The proposed research design builds bridges for reflection between scholars and practitioners, while offering relevant processes and a systematic approach to theory and concept building. The authors call the design […]