First episode of our Series on Academic Frontiers focusing on Palestine

VIDEO  Find more about this conversation here:  From education as a form of resistance, to the importance of theorizing suffering  

On the Sense and Nonsense of Assessing Sustainability in Course Content: Lessons Learned from a French Business School

This chapter focuses on the sense and nonsense of monitoring and quantifying sustainability course content in university curricula. Based on previous research on sustainability assessment in higher education, it discusses the experience of a French business school and its method to assess sustainability in course content. This chapter offers insights into the institutional context of […]

Material Flow Cost Accounting in Vietnam: A Multi-level Exploration

The study examines the adoption of material flow cost accounting in Vietnam to promote green productivity and reduce resource waste. It identifies six barriers to implementation and suggests strategies to overcome them. The research emphasizes the importance of addressing institutional levels and transforming micro-level practices to achieve sustainable production and consumption patterns, aligning with UN […]

Managing, measuring, and reporting geopolitical risk exposure: New challenges and current evidence

The paper discusses the growing importance of managing geopolitical risks for companies and the need for reliable information to do so effectively. It examines legal requirements for reporting these risks in the EU and the US, highlighting the discretion given to corporate managers. It also explores incentives for companies to disclose geopolitical risk information voluntarily […]

Strategic public communication on Covid-19: Evidence from the French municipal elections in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of public communication by municipalities. This study investigates how political incentives shape the content and the form of this communication around local elections. Based on agenda-setting theory and information processing theory, we expect more comprehensive communication about Covid-19 and a more positive tone of these disclosures in municipalities where a second ballot takes […]