Extractive sector governance: Does a nexus of accountability render local Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives ineffective?

This study examines the Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative’s (NEITI) ineffectiveness in delivering public accountability to Nigerian citizens. Although this failure is recognized in prior literature, the paper contends that NEITI’s role is obscured by one-sided links to external factors.  The study’s conceptual framework is built around Dillard and Vinnari’s (2019) distinction between different accountability […]

SIMA’s first Festival of Management, 3rd and 4th February 2023

The Società Italiana di Management (SIMA) put the inaugural Management Festival. The event will take place at Bocconi University in Milan on February 3rd and 4th, 2023, emphasising issues related to national and international trends and ongoing events. The Festival strives to inspire the future by disseminating management knowledge and action, guiding social behaviour toward […]

Creating good village governance: an effort to prevent village corruption in Indonesia

This study aims to investigate how the village government implements internal control, accountability, transparency and participation in the good governance practice for corruption prevention and detection in Indonesia. The study adopts qualitative research by conducting a semi-structured interview with village staff, village consultative council members and auditors. The findings highlight three major issues contributing to […]


The AAC Lab invites people with a heart for art, numbers, photography or a combination to participate in the Re-count Photography Award. The focus of the competition is to produce photographs that capture numbers. The competition invites photographic work that captures the ways contemporary HUMANS and NATURE are entangled with quantification and numbers. Submissions that […]

L’usage stratégique des outils de gestion dans la prévention des risques psychosociaux. Le cas des questionnaires d’évaluation.

Légalement contraintes de prévenir les risques psychosociaux, les organisations déploient des outils de gestion dont l’usage stratégique est encore mal connu. À l’aide d’une étude qualitative menée dans un groupe bancaire, cette recherche montre que l’usage d’un questionnaire d’évaluation contribue à une objectivation des risques psychosociaux, à une normalisation de leur existence, ainsi qu’à une […]