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Thirty Years of Village Corruption Research: Accounting and Smart Villages for Village Sustainability as Future Research Direction

As the research on national corruption continues to expand, village corruption research has gained attention in the public eye in the last 10 years. A growing number of researchers have called for a more extensive discussion on village corruption. In response, this paper conducts a comprehensive review of village corruption research to portray the trend […]


The AAC Lab invites people with a heart for art, numbers, photography or a combination to participate in the Re-count Photography Award. The focus of the competition is to produce photographs that capture numbers. The competition invites photographic work that captures the ways contemporary HUMANS and NATURE are entangled with quantification and numbers. Submissions that […]

For an accounting translation of the Anthropocene: fuelling the debate on planetary boundaries

In this paper, researcher Richard Jabot seeks to problematize the need for debate in operationalizing the planetary boundaries framework when accounting for the Anthropocene. The paper’s aim is achieved through a literature review focusing on the assumptions around the Anthropocene, planetary boundaries and organizations. The author conducted an integrated review of 91 documents discussing the […]