The wor(l)d is out -You are not alone: Toward a healing organizational autoethnography in/through feminist reading and writing

This paper explores the experiences of domestic violence and separation, emphasizing the healing power of reading and writing to connect with others. It argues that through this process, individuals can gain feminist relational power to resist patriarchal violence. Drawing on diverse feminist perspectives, the paper views reading and writing as crucial components of healing in autoethnography. It suggests that engaging in healing organizational autoethnography helps understand how masculine organizational norms perpetuate violence and marginalization. The paper extends critical autoethnographic work and contributes to feminist discourse on alternative writing approaches, highlighting the importance of creating spaces for healing within organizations.


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This paper is published in Organization

Authors: Nathalie Clavijo,  Emmanouela Mandalaki


Nathalie Clavijo, Assistant Professor
Emmanouela Mandalaki, NEOMA Business School, Reims

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